Two brothers, Alberto and Fabio whom share the same passion: the restaurants.
Alberto was born as a pastry chef, who/and after some important experiences in Italy, decided to fully dedicate to his love for wines.

SInce forever by his side: Federico and Giuseppe

Fabio for years has opened and managed spots in Padua.

A great fan of whiskey, he follows the selection of all our spirits.

In 2012 they decided to challenge themselves together by opening Gino’s in Padua.

We put our soul and heart

It could not be any other way, because we love what we do.

and our faces on this

Our teamwork, both in che chicken and dining room work with the goal of satisfying the clients with a daily growing of bettering ourselves.

in the kitchen: Federico, Giuseppe and Francesco.

A real team

Young people full of experience and enthusiasm.
workmates and often friends in life

In dining room: Marco and Eros